The theatre ZeBU wanted maximum utility of their foyer space :
A foyer for at least 100 children or teenagers, and receptions + musical nights for adults.
The challenge here was how to solve the traffic from all those children back and from the wardrobe, and keep track of who belongs to what group…
The solution was to utilize how humans instinctively likes to move and how we orientate ourselves within the “flow” of a space.

These organic, fluid shapes with soft edges and smooth surfaces allow for a large volume of bodies to pass through.
The many niches gives the children a natural encouragement to stay grouped together within the school-class they arrived with.
The actors realized that with this arrangement, they had no need for instructing the kids where and what to do:
they instinctively placed themselves in “their” corners, claiming the space “as their own”, and instinctively threw all their stuff into the hollow bench/tables right in front of them, that also serves as wardrobe for bags, coats, boots etc.. All nice and easy.

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P1214812.JPG A simple solution to a simple problem.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Integrated Bar: High levels for adults, and a low, front level for children.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Versatile ticket-counter on wheels.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Simple, No-nonsense wardrobe for large volumes of adults, teenagers, and children.