White Dome

This playground sculpture is located in a small, romantic park in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark.
From the surface you have a wonderful view over the adjacent park, and when kids are climbing around,
the surface is slightly vibrating, which evokes an incredibly calming effect in your body.
For the children it is great to have their parents placed right in the middle of their play,
and for the adults its a perfect location for a relaxing break.
The space inside the dome is magical !   You sense the outside world in a kind of “osmosis” effect:
you feel protected and safe inside, yet the many organic shaped holes in the dome, arranged in a double spiral formation, makes you feel intuitively connected with the world outside:  trees, grass, the sky, space … and eventually – your self.

2008    Polyurea, Polyurethane.

link to map

The holes are designed to be too big to climb for children under a certain size.