This playground sculpture is located in “Verdensparken”   (The World Park)  in Furuset, Oslo Municipality, Norway.
The name of the park is inspired by the rich, cultural diversity in this area, and is also connected with
the UN message of peace, and Trygve Lie, the first secretary of the UN, who grew up in Furuset.

To connect with this place and its inhabitants, I have chosen a sculptural concept that mimics an organic species,
a humble biological organism, with the combined strength and structure of multiple, living cells, rooted in Earth,
reaching out to the World and the Universe.

The gentle, pulsating light from the many fiber optic points inspires hope in the night, and create a calm, magic presence.

2015   FerroCement, Fiber Optics
Custom developed FEA structural analysis method developed together with Tor Øistein Andresen, Rambøll, Norway

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