Heart Space

Located in Kolbotn, Norway,  “Heart Space”   is a collaborative art project, initiated by Katrina Vrebalovich and Vilde Vegem.
The main intention here was to create community awareness and ownership.   People from the local area was engaged
and invited to participate, mostly by generating and assembling the beautiful and diverse mosaics.
The central Sculpture is a two-leafed shape, gently embracing each other in a spiralling motion.
The sculpture symbolizes the three-fold flame in the Heart, with the curved, spiralling space created inside as the third flame.
The shape also symbolizes the Yin and the Yang, and the gentle touch of mutual generosity.
The inner space created here is a magic place, for meditation and transformation.
Join in and meet strangers, have a conversation, open your heart and connect.

The two out-branching shapes resemble reaching out into the world, and is designed to function as informal benches, where you most likely will find yourself surrounded by playing children.

2016     FerroCement, Mosaics.
Featuring built-in heating system in the inner benches and a built-in spectral sound system.
Sound artist  Tal Zimra Coleman  performed her piece  “Ancient Origins”  at the inauguration ceremony, and her music can be heard inside the Sculpture, together with other select artists.

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Heated benches

Acoustic resonance