Egebjerg Christmas Tree

In Egebjerg, Odsherred municipality in Denmark, we have a very active and enthusiastic local community.

Many ideas are flourishing here, with a lot of small groups working voluntarily on different ideas and projects.
All organized through our local town-council: Egebjerg Bylaug.

One group, is the local Christmas-board. They came up with the idea , that we need our very own Christmas decorations out in the countryside, because we have very dark roads around here in the wintertime.
A local artist and designer: Hans Henrik Ohlers joined the board, and developed a sturdy design and anchoring system, so these trees could be installed trouble free every year, and stay safe from wind and snow. Installation and power-supply is all organized on a collaborative, voluntary basis.

A few years later he also developed a smaller version, to be sold to private households.

(2019)  Rolled steel rebar , LED

link to our local news page: Egebjerg Online

We extend you a warm welcome to visit our village, located in the midst of Egebjerg Peninsular and we encourage you to explore the beautiful nature and landscape here in Odsherred, shaped and carved by ice-age glaciers.