Hans Henrik Øhlers

Sculptor, Designer, Inventor.    – And the proud father of 4 children.

Humorous, straight-forward and energetically sensitive.

I love to invent and develop new innovative building techniques, and this makes it possible for me to build
custom designed shapes, strong and sturdy, with high abrasive resistance.  Perfect for playground sculptures.

I am very happy to do so.   I strongly believe that we need as many intuitive and organic elements in our society as possible.
Art should be touched, played with, and richly integrated in our everyday lifes.

I have an early background from performance-art and children’s theatre, sound design, and theatrical special effects.

I am deeply inspired by Natures intelligence, and the mystical Flow of Life, that vibrates and resonates in all living creatures.

You are very welcome to contact me with any suggestions or special commissions you may wish for.
Any project will be well taken care of.   Ideas and suggestions will be drawn and presented in 3D geometry.
Larger projects will be structural analysed by engineer Tor Øistein Andresen, Ramboll, Norway.
All playground projects are checked for safety measures according to international safety standards.  ( EN 1176 – 2008 )